Monday, May 10, 2010

*1st entry*["DO WE WALK THE TALK?"]

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

I was reading about something and was thinking about how people say Islam being the world order and stuff, and what strikes me as interesting is just that; how people say it out loud, not do it in practice.

It is rather interestingly frustrating that people seem to say many things but also seem contented to just sit in their quite corner doing only the minimal, if not nothing.

It is simple, work for what one believed in, and God willing, one will reap what one sows but when people say Islam will certainly come on top someday, do they really walk their talk?

I mean, we all know that that will inevitably happen, but what do we do?This is especially true for students, who has the most free time of all adults.Don't be so conceited and arrogant by saying that I have no time, I need to concentrate on my studies; these are, quite frankly, selfish and rather immature.

If you want to talk like that, fair enough, but please list down how many hours you waste on the internet doing stuff that doesn't really matter to the world, watching on youtube things that doesn't add anything to your knowledge, talking to friends about the latest trends and fashions, talking about gossips of this artist and that.

If you still don't want to care, then fine but don't give the excuse of not having enough time to do your part in society if you are doing things like that and don't study, it makes one looks rather weak.

Time is a funny thing, because when one is hard pressed to do something, then one can finish it in a quick and efficient manner but when one has too much time in one's hand, then the efficiency simply goes down.Don't take time as being something absolute, the human consciousness may very well be intimately intertwined with time itself.

And stop saying things like I don't care about politics, or I don't want to get involved in society because I'm bad at communicating with people; fact is, very few people are good with people. In fact, if you're bad at it, then it is precisely why you should do it.

We always say that the youth are the agents of change, and we always look to the time of the prophet as being such a good example of this but we seldom take a step back and think, what have I done for the betterment of society? do I even care enough about society to act?

And acting does not mean looking at people in society that needs help, but never talk to any of those so-called troubled people and try to understand them, much less help them. All we do is scorn at them.

Doing something is not that hard, one only needs a few hours in a week to help (compare that to the amount of unnecessary sleep that one gets), and there is always room for more people, if one decides to join, that is.

It is funny that we say we study hard in the university for the sake of ALLAH and that we will contribute to His cause when we work, when in reality we sit in our own corner, doing enough to satisfy our whims, and do the bare minimum for Islam.

Funny, isn't it? When students say 'I want to be an Islamic doctor,' or 'I want to be an Islamic engineer,' when all they do is read books, pass exams, get a job, get a spouse, buy a big house, produce some kids, and die.

Now that, is funny.

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This article could explain why this blog is existed. I want to contribute something for Islam. How could I say I'm Muslim if I don't really care about others?

p/s: Wah, entri pertama sahaja sudah berbahasa Inggeris. Jangan salah faham, saya hanya mahu mengekalkan keaslian artikel ini yang asalnya ditulis di dalam bahasa Inggeris. InsyaAllah, pada entri akan datang, saya akan menulis di dalam bahasa yang lebih saya dekat, bahasa Melayu tentunya.

~Saya berdoa pada Allah supaya ikhlas dalam menulis serta dijauhi perasaan ujub dan riya'. Saya juga mohon doa dari kalian.


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