Saturday, February 12, 2011


Allahuakbar, allahuakbar,allahuakbar, wa lillaahilhamd.

Congratulatulation Egyptians. The revolution had succeed and now it’s your turn to celebrate the victory.

But for me, we have now come to the most important part of the revolution. There are two questions that linger in my mind :

1. WHAT will replace the regime?

It would be better to ask WHAT will replace the regime rather than WHO will replace Mubarak, the person.

2. What will happen to the government’s policy?

If the policy remain the same, we could say that there is no change will happen in Egypt and for Egyptian.

I hope the political transition will be done in the best way. The battle is not over yet, but one thing for sure; all over the world are ushering in a new era of Egypt!

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