Tuesday, July 21, 2015

pre-Ramadhan lessons

-8th July 2014-

Today I met Orhan Ghazi at school. He was very busy looking for something in lost and found box. I asked him what he was looking for. He had lost his pencil case, and there is some money inside. It was recess time, and he needs that money to buy some food.

I asked him to follow me. He need to stop searching for recess period is very limited. I offered him RM 2, and asked him whether it is enough or not. Then he replied:

“I just need one ringgit, just one ringgit (with a very convincing expression) to buy dadih.”

He refused to take another one ringgit even though I resisted  to give it to him.

He left me with something to ponder upon.

How come this seven year old kid has so much integrity and honesty inside his heart?

No doubt that solid foundation has been built at home, from the most influential person in his early years of life, from the very beginning.

Kudos to the parents.

Your Orhan Ghazi is awesome! 

ps: he resembles the name very much

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